About the Book

U Can Save Our World


Julian has written a book that fills an urgent need.  The world is overburdened with problems. They are all publicized by the media, but workable solutions are not available. 

The meetings of the U.N. and of selected nations to solve the problems inevitably fail or end in weak compromises.  Ego problems of some of the leaders of the most important nations block needed progress.

This book offers a new approach.  Countries are not involved.  The common people who do the suffering are.  We take what already exists and focus it where truth is needed.  Nations are not approached.  There is no demonstrating or violence.  Only friendship and discussions are involved.

The power of your voice and text is utilized to persuade 200+ countries to operate in unity for the benefit of all people on Earth.

You can scorn the book; gain the 1 1/2 hours reading time to devote to supposedly more pleasant happenings, but understand by reading it, you could possibly be saving your life and the lives of your loved ones.

This should be the second most important book you will have read in your life.  You are very important.  Everybody's cooperation is urgently needed.

U CAN, WE CAN ~ if we all work together.