The Clock is Ticking

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a publication that informs the public of threats to its survival, has determined that the hands of the doomsday clock are close to midnight.  On this clock, midnight represents the end of the human world, the point of no return, when a potential nuclear event or other threat becomes a reality.  The Bulletin's Board of Sponsors now includes eighteen Nobel Laureates.

The Bulletin began using the clock as a representation of global threat in 1947.  Since then, the hands have moved back and forth; the hands moved closer to disaster in 1984, standing at three minutes before midnight.  In 1991, it was seventeen minutes to midnight.  At this time, the great minds of the Bulletin have put the hands at five minutes to midnight.  We are that close to a global cataclysm.  Can we stop the clock in time?

Terrorists eagerly donate their lives to cause fear, heartbreak, and panic.  Their use of nuclear bombs and chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction is predicted; the world's economy is in disarray.  The Earth's human population is growing in leaps and bounds.  The growth is adding a serious drain on the Earth's limited resources.

There are many other problems listed in the book.  It presents a workable solution or improvement to all of them.  Needed is a majority of the Earth's population to cooperate in the introduction of a change.